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What is the mandate for “FRESH PRODUCE’d”?
To grow emerging artists and support new plays and screenplays that push storytelling boundaries. Whether it be interactive storytelling, social media integration or multi-media innovation, we want to break free from the linear storytelling mold and bring theater into the 21st century. We do this by assembling trained MFA and equivalent actors and directors from the top theater schools in the country to challenge works in development.

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Studio Stage Theater 520 N. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90004

High Maintenance
Written By:  Stacy D. Tanner
Directed By: Carissa Pinckney
Dean and Jan Adams had a macabre agreement. Dean would never tell anyone he was a victim of Jan's domestic assault, and in turn, Jan would not harm their daughter. That's all about to change. Jan has escaped from prison, and wants much more than an explanation.
Featuring: Erika Daly, Tyee Tilghman and Erin Outland

Before and After
Written By: Nicholas Pilapil
Directed By: Amelia Phillips
Rose is the most popular girl in school. All the girls want to be her and all the boys want to fuck her. Judy is the new girl in school. She's a loser, has never had a friend, and dreams of being just like everyone else. But, Judy gets more than she bargained for, when Rose lures her into the glamorous world of being a badass bitch. Set in the dangerous world of high school, "Before and After" is a rap-filled, kung fu fighting, comedy about self-discovery and friendship.
Featuring: Jacqui Grilli, Kahyun Kim, Mandi Mellen, Erika Daly, Dan Salem and Rajan Velu

Written By: Anna Fox
Directed By: Heather Boothby
It is the night of Jim’s monthly vegan potluck, and this time it falls on a full moon in Scorpio, so things are bound to get a little wild. While sustainably harvested chardonnay is poured freely, and anger is improperly shoved deep down inside like the quinoa-stuffed bell peppers someone has brought to the communal table, in the distance lurks a headless chicken and others ready to cause these vegans to face parts of themselves they thought their shamans had previously eradicated them of. No one is quite as they seem, and someone is definitely an imposter. No really, she might not even be human. Potluck asks: If you are what you eat, but not what you think, then who are you really?
Featuring: Eric Davis, Chip Bolcik, Mary Shaffo, Laura Bolcik and Chris Hailey

Our Past Los Angeles Productions:


The world premiere of…

REUNIONS REUNIONS REUNIONS (An LA Weekly Pick of the week!)
by Mattie Brickman
directed by Hunter Adams
produced by Riva Di Paola
co-produced by Heather Boothby

February 5th-21st, 2016 at Studio Stage Theater

Courtland is thrilled to be back on campus for her first college reunion! But when she stops by a former professor's house to pick up a gift, she ignites a cataclysmic series of events and must confront an unexpected reunion.


Starring: Heather Boothby, Damian Anastasio, Jean Gilpin, Luke Rampersad, Thi Nguyen and Susan Lucas.

2- Reunions By Mattie Brickman, Thi Nguyen copy

Stage Manager: Arles Netherwood-Schwesig
Set Design by: Rachel Myers
Lighting Design by: Lauren Wemischner
Sound Design by: John Ballinger
Costumes by: Melissa Trn
Head of Props: Carissa Pinckney
Live music by: Ian Hubbell
Company Support: Amelia Phillips, Rajan Velu and Kahyun Kim.

Wings copy 2

The world premiere of…

grow a pair of...wings
by Amelia Phillips
directed by Stacie Hadgikosti
April 17th- May 10th, 2015 at The Lounge Theater

Guided by the whimsical ghost of her Holocaust survivor grandfather, Sarah Klein clumsily struggles to emerge from her mid-twenties as more than just the good student, the good daughter, the good girlfriend. Saddled by an overbearing mother, an unappreciative boyfriend and an overly competitive sister, Sarah must define her unique place in the world, face her fears, embrace her roots, and of course, grow a pair of...wings.

Starring: Amelia Phillips, Barry Vigon, Riva Di Paola, Greg Nussen, Tyler Cook, Jennie Fahn, Robert Dominick Jones, Donna Simone Johnson.


Stage Manager: Lyndsay Lucas
Sound Design by: Daniel Tator
Set Design by: Murray Burn
Lighting Design by: Benjamin Watt
Fight Director: Nate Mitchell
Company Support: Rajan Velu and Kahyun Kim.


The world premiere of…
hey brother
(Ovation nominated!)
by Bekah Brunstetter
directed by: Alexis Jacknow
produced by: Riva Di Paola and Lucas Dixon

November 21st- December 14th, 2014 at Son of Semele Theater

Wilmington, North Carolina: Big bro Ben is a financial planner with a drinking problem, an ex-girlfriend, and a house. Enter little brother Isaac, a graduate student in history, who decides that two brothers sharing a house is a really good idea. When a mysterious young woman hunting for her own history comes into their lives, the vicious love/ hate relationship between the two roommates/brothers is put to the test.
hey-brother_3-copy page7-1008-full

Lucas Dixon,
Graham Outerbridge
Kahyun Kim


Stage Manager: Mercedes Segesvary
Set Design: Christopher Scott Murillo
Costume Design: Amelia Phillips
Lighting Design: Lauren Wemischner
Sound Design: Tracy Woodward
Social Media Marketing: Ben Zisk
Set Build: Tyee Tilghman
Head of Props: Rajan Velu
Company Support: Heather Boothby and Ally Gordon